The Possibility of Tooth Regeneration: How Can It Change Dental Care?

a perfect smileCan a dentist save decay-ravaged teeth?

For the most part, no; dentists can’t always reverse decay once the damage occurs. The only way to restore dental health, in such cases, is to extract the tooth or teeth. Then you’ll need to keep fighting tooth decay by making regular visits to dentists in Stafford. You could get dental sealants or use fluoride toothpaste to maintain healthy teeth.

There is, however, good news as researchers have come up with the possibility of teeth regeneration by using stem cells.

What’s in it for the dental care industry? Let’s find out.

Introducing Tideglusib

Dental caries still affects almost 91 percent of Americans aged 20 to 64 years old. The dental industry has been putting up a good fight in fighting tooth decay. It looks like the use of stem cells may have just given birth to teeth regeneration.

New research reveals that a particular drug referred to as Tideglusib has the ability to coax stem cells within the dental pulp into regrowing enough bony tissue to fill the cavity.

Tideglusib is the low-cost experimental drug that has gotten almost all researchers excited. There’s a possibility for its usage to be expedited through clinical trials. This calls for a celebration because we now live in an age when tooth decay reversal is probable.

The possibility of the filling coming out has been a dentist’s problem for several decades. Now, with this potential solution to tooth decay, there’s no need to deal with filling coming out. Dentists could soon use Tideglusib to stimulate stem cells that produce dentin, which then incorporates itself within the tooth.

The Use of Laser

We welcome research that brings to us new technological advancements that not only fight tooth decay but further improve the processes and methods in dentistry, both for the benefit of dentists and patients.

Another technological advancement would be using low-power laser light to stimulate tooth regeneration. A team of scientists from the University of Buffalo in New York currently explore this radical way to regenerate teeth.

Laser light application directly on the remaining pulp has the potential to stimulate stem cells in the pulp to produce dentin. It still needs capping, but the outcome seems to be more resilient.

General Dental Care Matters

Here at Southpoint Quality Dental, we are thrilled to hear such innovations in the dental industry because it can further improve our services. While these advancements bring great promise to dental treatments, we want to stress the importance of dental care to prevent cavity for patients.

General dental care can help you avoid pain and an unexpected trip to the clinic. It is a positive step toward a beautiful, healthy smile — for all ages.

We perform total preventive care to help you fight the unnecessary causes of tooth decay. This approach starts with regular hygiene visits, check-ups, and a continuous home oral health routine. For advanced dental problems due gum disease or injuries, we offer the highest quality of mouth restoration services.

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